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how much is a 91-92 Michael Jordan us olympic nba hoops Basketball card

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Q: How much is a 1992 Michael Jordan US Olympic NBA Hoops basketball card number 579 worth?
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Who wore the number 9 on his US Olympic basketball jersey?

Michael Jordan

What was Michael Jordans numbers?

Michael Jordan's number was 23, for olympic dream team he was worn 9 and after the retirement he used 45 for quite some time..

What was Michael jordan's first basketball number?


What is Michael Jordan number of basketball?

No. 36

Who is number 23 on the Chicago bulls basketball team?

Michael Jordan is number 23 on the Chicago Bulls basketball team.

Who is number 23 of the Chicago Bulls basketball team?

Michael Jordan was number 23.

What number was Michael Jordan in basketball?

Michael Jordan started out with number 23 but when he made his comeback to the Chicago bulls he was number 45. He also wore the number 12 for one game because his jersey was stollen.

What was The number Michael Jordan wore on his shirt at North Carolina?

23 is the number Michael Jordan used when they won the 1982 NCAA Men's basketball championship. He made the game winning jumpshot.

When Michael Jordan was in collage what was his basketball number?

When he played for the North Carolina Tarheels he wore number 23.

What is Michael Jordan's basketball number?

Jordan wore number 23 primarily. He wore 12 and 45 too. For Team USA he wore 9.

Who was the first basketball player to wear the number 23?

Michael jordan

Who is the basketball player who wore Number 23 on North Carolina in college?

Michael Jordan.

Why Michael Jordan change number 45 to number 23 in 1995?

he knows that this number where all his basketball career begins..

What is the value of a 1992 Michael Jordan US Olympic Skybox Card number 534?


What retired professional basketball player did not wear the number 13?

Michael Jordan - Chicago Bulls

Who is the most renowned player of all times in basketball number 23 in the Chicago Bulls?

Michael Jordan

What famous basketball player wore the jersey number forty-five?

Michael Jordan Chicago bulls 1995

Who is the most renowned basketball player of all time in Chicago Bulls teams number 23?

Michael Jordan

What inspired lebron James to play basketball?

The person that inspired Lebron to play basketball is Michael Jordan because he is amazing. Lebron also took his number which is 23.

Who is one of the best players ever in basketball?

There are a number of greats. Perhaps the most iconic, due to his greatness, is Michael Jordan.

Which University of Indiana basketball players wore jersey number 15?

Vince carter, Michael Jordan, Ty Lawson

Michael Jordan's number pick?

Michael Jordan chose number 23.

What is Michael Jordan known for?

Michael Jordan is known for his great ability to play basketball. he played in only 2 teams in his whole career Chicago buls and the Washington wizards. he played in both teams as the number 23.

Why did Michael Jordan choose the number 45?

Because when he came back from his first retirement from basketball (when he was playing baseball), his original number, 23, had been retired.

What number did Barack Obama have in basketball?

President Barack Obama's high school basketball number was 23. But this was before Michael Jordan made this number famous.