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about as much as a piece of paper with your moms autograph on it

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Q: How much is a 1991-1992 Fleer Team leader Michael Jordan basketball card worth?
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How is Michael Jordan a leader and what type of leader is he?

he was a basketball leader

Who is the unc mens basketball all time steals leader?

I think it's Michael Jordan.

Who is a famous democratic sports leader?

Michael Jordan

What is a Michael Jordan hardwood leader 96-97 card worth?

A Michael Jordan Hardwood Card from 96-97 is estimated to be valued from ranges of $2,500 - $3,500.

What is the value of fleer 92-93 Michael Jordan?

scoring leader card #238

Why is Michael Jordan considered as a leader?

Yes he always try to lead his team to victory

Who retired as the all-time NBA career playoff points leader?

Michael Jordan

How many points did Michael Jordan average for his career?

Michael Jordan averaged 30.1 PPG (Points Per Game) during his career. He is the all time leader in this category.

In the nba who is the all time point playoff leader?

Michael Jordan with 5987 points in 179 playoff games for an average of 33.4 points per game.

Who are the playoff leaders by total points?

Michael Jordan is currently the playoff leader in points with 5,987 points!

How much is a 93-94 Fleer League Leader Michael Jordan card worth?

Around a dollar or two.

Who is IU basketball all time assist leader?

Michael Lewis is the all time Indiana University assists leader. He played from 1997-2000.

Who is the leader or president for Jordan?

King Abdullah II is the leader of Jordan. There is no president.

How much is a Michael Jordan topps 1994 reigning scorer leader card worth?

Approximately 6 - 8.00 us..

Chicago's team leader also won NBA's 1997-98 Most Valuable Player Award who is he?

Michael Jordan

Who is the all time buzzer beater leader?

1-) Michael Jordan 2-) Kobe Bryant 3-) Reggie Miller

Who is the leader of Jordan and how was he elected?

Jordan is ruled by a dynastic King. It is a Monarchy.

Who are Jordan's leader?

King Abdullah

What is Jordan title of leader?


Who is in charge of the country Jordan?

His Majesty King Abdullah the second is the leader of Jordan.

Leader of Jordan?

king Abdullah II .

Who is the leader for Jordan?

king Abdullah II

The leader of Jordan during the 1990s was?

hussein I

The leader of Jordan in the 1990 was?

king Hussien .

Who is Jordan's leader?

King Abdullah II