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joe montana rookie card

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Q: How much is a 1989 Barry sanders rookie of the year card 1 worth?
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What was the year Barry sanders the NFL Rookie of the year?

1989 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year

When did Barry Sanders sign his first contract with the Lions?

Barry Sanders was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2004.

What year was Barry Sanders' rookie season?

Barry Sanders was selected third overall by the Detroit Lions during the 1989 NFL Draft.

Barry Sanders rookie card pro set?

The 1989 Barry Sanders Pro Set rookie card is a really nice card for a collection. Although sports cards can vary greatly in value depending on condition, this card still brings anywhere from $50 to $300.

How much is a limited edition bronze mint-card Deion Sanders topps 1989 worth?

$29.99 according to MSN Shopping. (See below)

Who was the back up running back for Barry Sanders in his rookie season?

Tony Paige and Carl Painter. Paige gained 105 yards on 30 carries and Painter gained 64 yards on 15 carries in 1989, Sanders' rookie season. Sanders gained 1,470 yards on 280 carries.

How much is Deion Sanders rookie card 1989?


What is the value of a Topps 1990 Deion Sanders football rookie card?

At most 50 cents to 1 dollar. 1990 is not Sanders rookie year although topps puts the rookie designation on their cards the year after their real rookie year. Sanders rookie year is 1989 and his best card to get is the 1989 score valued at right around $10

What date did barry sanders score his first touchdown?

Barry Sanders scored his first NFL touchdown on September 10, 1989.

What is the value of a 1989 Score Barry Sanders rookie card number?

A 1989 Score Barry Sanders rookie card number 257 has a book value of about $40.00 in near/mint -mint condition. Professionally graded cards will sell for more. Condition is important. Common flaws with Football cards include: rounded edges, creases, off centered, and faded color. Any or all flaws will devalue the card significantly. == ==

When did Barry Sanders officially sign with the Detroit Lions?

It was in 1989.

What teams as a pro. did barry sanders play fir?

Barry Sanders spent his entire professional career, 1989-1998, with the Detroit Lions.