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Worth about $50

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Q: How much is a 1988 fleer michael jordan card?
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What is a 1988 89 Michael Jordan fleer card worth?

About $25.00 dollars.

Is s-33 the card number for a Michael Jordan fleer card?

yes it is.

What is the value of a Michael Jordan 92-93 fleer team leader number 4 card worth?

Hello, the card is actually 100 $ in mint condition worth.

1991 Michael Jordan fleer card that has s-33 on the back as the card number and says fleer 91 on the bottom right front corner is this a misprint?

No, it's not because the s-33 is just the number of the card that was printed and fleer puts their logo on the front bottom right corner to all of their cards.

What is the value of a 1990 Fleer Michael Jordan card in mint condition no fading no scratches?

This card is worth around $2. If you got it graded a high grade it may be worth up to $8.

Michael Jordan topps card worth?

It depends on the year and condition, Michael Jordan Topps cards from the 1980's are worth anywhere from $20 dollar and up. If you are lucky enough to have bought the 1986 Fleer or the 1984 Star Company Michael Jordan cards they are worth quite alot of money in mint condition.

How much is a hoops Michael Jordan rookie card number 253?

Jordan's rookie card actually comes from the 1986-87 Fleer set. The first Jordan Hoops card is from the 88-89 set released well into his career. That card will sell on eBay for around $1.

How much is a 1995 Michael Jordan card worth?

The 1995-1996 Fleer Flair Michael Jordan, number 4 of 27 basketball card sells for about $1.99 in good condition. In mint condition it sells for about $2.75. The entire set of 27 cards can be purchased for $14.99.

How much is a michael jordan 1988 nba mvp card worth?

about 100,000,000 dollars in America

How much is a 1991 Michael Jordan fleer card worth?

A 1990-91 Fleer All-Stars Michael Jordan card number 5 has a book value of about $12.00 in near/mint -mint condition. Professionally graded cards will sell for more. Condition is important.Common flaws with basketballl cards include: rounded edges, creases, off centered, and faded color. Any or all flaws will devalue the card significantly.

What is the value of a Michael Adams 1992 Fleer card?

This common card is worth less than 10 cents.

Value of Michael Strahan fleer 2001 card?

Less than 50 cents.