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There is no such card.

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Q: How much is a 1986 Topps Michael Jordan rookie card worth?
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How much Michael Jordan rookie contract was worth?

How much Michael Jordan rookie contract

How much is the Micheal Jordan topps rookie card worth?


How much is a Michael irvin rookie card worth?

How mutch is michesl irvin topps rookie card worth

What is a topps Jordan rookie worth?

No such card exists. Fleer produced his RC.

Michael Jordan's Topps Rookie Card Worth?

Michael Jordan NEVER had a Topps RC!!! People are being fooled into believing this! Topps cam out with a set ing the early 1990's called Topps Archives. The set give the same design of the cooresponding years babeball card. For example... The Jordan ARCHIVE card has the same design as the 1984 Topps BASEBALL SET!!! HUNDREDS OF THESE SETS ARE AVAILABLE, and honest sellers will not sell this card for more than 6 to 8 dollars. It kills me that with the economy the way it is, people still try to trick people into believing it is a RC. Basically... If people are claiming this is Jordan's Topps Rookie card... One could also say the 89 HOOPS Jordan card is his rookie card...

How much is a 1986 Topps Micheal Jordan rookie card worth?

No such card exists.

Michael Jordan rookie cards worth?

They are worth anywhere from 500-1000.

What is a topps santonio Holmes rookie card worth?

how much is a santonio topps rookie card worth

Michael Jordan topps card worth?

It depends on the year and condition, Michael Jordan Topps cards from the 1980's are worth anywhere from $20 dollar and up. If you are lucky enough to have bought the 1986 Fleer or the 1984 Star Company Michael Jordan cards they are worth quite alot of money in mint condition.

How much is a 1992 USA Michael Jordan Sky Box rookie card worth?

The (accepted) Michael Jordan rookie card actually comes from the 1986-87 Fleer set.

What is the following card worth ...michael-jordan-card-23-karat-gold-rookie-signature?

The card "Michael Jordan card 23 Karat gold rookie signiture" is absolutely rare. It is estimated that the card would be at least worth $2,000 and increasing in worth.

What is a 1995 Topps Michael Jordan card worth?

a topps TMB where he is wearing a #45 jersey was on sell for $5.99 on eBay today.

How much is a Michael Jordan rookie card worth?

In 2010 it was worth $1,000.00

How much is a 1999 Danbury mint 22kt gold upper deck authenticated Michael Jordan rookie and career card worth?

How much is a 1999 Danbury Mint 22kt Gold upperdeck authenicated Michael Jordan rookie and Career card worth

How much is topps 1993 Michael Jordan 50 point club card worth?


What is the value of a 1985 Topps Michael Jordan basketball card?

It is worth less than $6.00.

How much is a Michael Jordan NBA Rookie card that is signed worth?

2 bucks

How much is Michael Jordan 1985 rookie of the year card worth?

its worth about 900 to 1200 depending on condition

How much is 1999 Michael Jordan Topps Finest card worth?

Less than 1 dollar.

How much is Michael Jordan baseball rookie card worth?

i would say 1 dollar

How much is a Matt Ryan rookie card 331 topps worth?

Matt Ryan's rookie season with the Atlanta Falcons came in 2008. His Topps rookie card from that season is worth between $3 and $5.

How much is a 1994 Topps Michael Jordan card?

The base card is worth around $4 if in mint condition.

What are Michael Jordan cards worth to a dealer?

if you have his rookie year card, that is worth about $150 His last year is about 120

How much is a Michael Jordan topps 1994 reigning scorer leader card worth?

Approximately 6 - 8.00 us..

How much are Michael Jordan uncut basketball sheets worth?

I have a large 1995 uncut sheet of topps with not one but 2 jordan cards 110 cards all together whats it worth? jimmy