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recent auction priced this medallion at 250.00 dollars

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Q: How much is a 1976 world series pewter medallion paperweight?
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What is the value of a 1917 Chicago White Sox world series ring?

There were no rings then. Players were given a pocket watch, with a medallion attached to the watchchain.

Where do you find the mysterious medallion in Mount and Blade Magic world mod?

You must get the medallion from a teacher along with a spell.

Where is Brock on Pokemon world online?

In Pewter City.

What is the value of a 1975 world championship medallion or medal?

== ==

What is a set of Franklin Mint pewter World's Greatest Locomotives worth?


What is the value of a 1993 Toronto Blue Jays World Series Enviromint Silver Medallion?

The 1993 Toronto Blue Jays Back to Back World Series Chicago Processing Enviromint Medallion 2 coin set has a book value of $175. in mint condition. There were 400 sets made. Chicago Proccessing Enviromint produced Coins between 1985 through 1998. The company named the coins enviromint because they were made from recycled silver.

What is the value of a 1986 Vancouver Expo silver official medallion?

A 1986 Vancouver World Expo medallion can be worth between $3 and $10. The coin is made of brass and measures 38 millimeters.

How much is a World's Columbian Exposition medallion worth?

I think it is worth R56 397 233

What is the World Series trophy made of?

The Vince Lombardi trophy is made entirely of sterling silver. It weighs in at 7 pounds and is 22 inches tall.Platinum

What was the MLB World Series called before it was the World Series?

It was always called the World Series.

Who played in the 1876 World Series?

There was no World Series in 1876. The first World Series was played in 1903.

Who won the 1870 World Series for baseball?

There was no World Series in 1870. The first World Series was in 1903.