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Q: How much is a 1966 world cup vinyl commentry recording worth?
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How much is the vinyl recording of the 1970 cup final worth Its called Its Chelsea's Cup?

Over 9000source:

How much is 1966 vinyl recording of frank Sinatra live at the sands worth?

Depends upon condition, $3-10.

What is a 1968 world series vinyl record worth?


Will the original moody blue vinyl album and cover will be worth money since they were the first album to come out at the time of the recording?

No They produced tons of them

How much are old vinyl records worth?

Determining a vinyl record's value has many parts:condition of the record (scratches, etc)who or what group is recorded on the platterwhat year the recording was madewhich company made the recording (DGG, RCA, etc)Each vinyl platter would have to be evaluated by one who is well versed in such things.Given Blondie/Deborah Harry vinyl prices as an example:an early 1976 12" album is worth $10;a late 1998 (the year they switched to CD) vinyl album is also worth $10;an early 1976 7" single is worth $20;a late 1998 7" single is worth $5.00."Spiral Scratch", (1990/before CDs) the definite UK price guide to vinyl gives the following values:a 12" album is worth $3-$8 or 2-5 GBP and a 7" single is worth $3-$10 or 2-6 GBP .

How much is a vinyl Mozart record worth?

Little to nothing. Classical music on vinyl has no demand, and as such isn't worth anything.

What is an E T original vinyl doll worth?

it is worth 1,000 dollars

How much is a 7'' vinyl recording of the 1968 European cup final between Man utd and Benfica worth?

A 7" vinyl recording of the 1968 European Cup final between Manchester United F.C. and S.L. Benfica starts at about £30 or about $48. The reason for this price is because it commemorates a piece of history as Manchester United was the first English team to win the European Cup.

What does the 'matrix code' refer to?

The 'matrix code' refers to a hand written or stamp numbers or symbols that are inscribed into the grooves at the end of a vinyl record. This is the empty or dead area at the end of the recording. Sometimes this is just the recording companies information but sometimes has a little extra from the sound engineer. This can make certain records worth more in the collectors market.

How much is a signed Adam and the ants vinyl worth?


What is Christmas to Elvis from the Jordanaires black vinyl worth?


How much is your Madonna picture vinyl worth?

500 million