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Q: How much is a 10 day contract in the nba?
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How much pay is an NBA 10 day contract?


How much is a 10 day contract worth?

Around $35000

When was the NBA opening day in 2010?


How much is sony Ericsson g900 in Singapore?

it is $1000 without contract and with contract is $10 000. :)

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How many points does Dwyane Wade have in nba?

13,908 on this day (10/30/11)

How much do you sell a used NBA 2K10 on Wii?

NBA 2K10 should be sold on Wii for 10-15 dollars.

What exactly does a sports agent do?

A sports agent negotiates employment for an athlete. In return, the sports agent will generally get 4-10% of the athlete's playing contract and 10-20% of the athlete's endorsement contract. Although, in the NFL, the agent is not allowed to get more than 3% of the athlete's contract, and not more than 4% in the NBA.

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nba youngboys friend?

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10 million

How much was lebron James rookie contract?

10 million

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Michael Jordan is not NBA Live 10 but he is on NBA 2k11.