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it depends on what its on but an estimate is 50-1,000,000

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Q: How much is Wayne Gretzkys autograph worth?
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What is an autograph without a certificate worth?

An autograph is typically considered "priceless". This covers many fronts, it could be worth a lot of money to the general public or it could be worth nothing. Generally an autograph is worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it, and this obviously, is an indeterminable factor. To answer your question more directly, the bigger the "celebrity" of the person, the higher the value, although you will find an autograph on its own is not worth nearly as much as an item autographed by a person. (example, a football signed by Wayne Rooney would raise much more money than a mere autograph from Wayne)

How much is an autograph from Tonto?

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Madonna autograph worth?

how much is a signed autograph on a cd cover worth of madonna?

Is a gretzky rookie card with a fake autograph still worth money?

No. An autograph devalues a card. It makes the card worth as much as the autograph, and a fake autograph is worth nothing.

How much is a picture of John Wayne worth?

Unless if the photo is autographed or previously unpublished the value would be minimal.

You have an Oscar de la hoya autograph how much is worth?

how much is a Oscar de la hoya autograph worth

How much is Tony Soprano autograph worth?

Strictly based on the piece the autograph is on!

How much is an Doug henning autograph worth?

This will depend upon what his autograph is in. If you have a signed poster, it will be worth close to $50.

How much is McFadden autograph worth?

it iz worth 1,200

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