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Q: How much is Swansea city football club worth?
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Who is number 8 at Swansea City Football Club?

Darren pratley!

Who is Rhys Wilson?

A goalkeeper who plays for Swansea city football club

Does Bony Wilfried the football player for swansea do weights?

Yes, the Swansea City Football Club's exercise curriculum calls for both upper and lower body workouts for hours a day.

What is Swansea Twitter handle?

The official handle of Swansea Football Club is SwansOfficial.

Which club is better Leicester city or Swansea city?

Swansea City, Best Team Ever!

Who is the manger of Swansea football club?

Michael Laudrup

What football leagues club is called the blues?

Birmingham city Chelsea swansea everton

Who won the Cardiff city verses swansea football club derby on the 6th February 2011?

Cardiff city, the best football team ever! Craig bellamy scored from 30 yards out to win for Cardiff on the 85th minute making the full time result 0-1 to Cardiff. It was played at home to Swansea

Who is the best Welsh football club?

No dout at this moment in time SWANSEA CITY are the best team in Wales, not only their football but they are the first and only welsh team to be in the Premier league. So "The Jacks" are on top, no matter what any Cardiff fans say.

Swansea city football club?

Are the greatest team in football and the world has ever seen (its part of a song chanted by the fans)... It is true though Swansea City Football Club are a Welsh side in the Champions League and is located in South Wales not the Australian, New South Wales. Swansea's old stadium The Vetch was an old wooden style stadium right by the terrace houses as a football stadium should be recently however it was upgraded to a better stadium called The Liberty Stadium but often refered to as White Rock as that was one of the puposed names and because of the colour of the stadium. Swansea' current manager is Paulo Souser has only been with us for one season and is coming along well. Anyway we are nicknamed The Jacks after a dog called The Swansea Jack he's a hero for Swansea as he saved 17 people from drouning some of which were kids... Our hated rivals Cardiff City Football Club are also known as The Blue Birds well lets just leave it at that (We recently beat them 3-0 so realy were the better side).

Who was the most caped international on the books for swansea football club?

ivor allchruch 68 caps for wales

For what club does Michel Vorm play?

As of June 2014, Michel Vorm plays for Swansea City, a club in Wales.