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Steve Yzerman rookie cards can sell for over $500. An autograph on the card will increase the value by one hundred dollars.

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Q: How much is Steve yzerman rookie card worth?
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What is the value of a Steve Yzerman O-Pee-Chee Rookie card?

A few years ago it was worth 80

How To Spot Fake Steve Yzerman Rookie Card?

There's an I in his name

What is the value of a Steve yzerman o pee chee rookie card?


What is the value of a Steve Yzerman framed jersey?

That all depends on the condition of the card. According to a mint condition 1984-5 Topps Yzerman rookie card is currently worth $24.95. Cards that are professionally graded based upon surface wear and tear, image clarity, and centering are worth more. Cards that are graded higher are worth more. An Yzerman card by O-Pee-Chee (cosmetically identical to Topps card, except O-Pee-Chee marks in place of Topps marks) is worth considerable more than the Topps card; despite the similarity, the OPC card is more rare than the Topps card, and as such, sells for more than the Topps card. Since Yzerman will likely retire this year, his rookie card will probably be in higher demand, which will up the price. (Note that I'm not a professional, but I've looked into Yzerman rookie cards recently and came across this info.)

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How much is Steve Young rookie card signed worth?

it worth about $80-$100 dollars

How much is Steve carlton rookie card worth?

about 150-300 dollars in generall 1965 card condition

How much is your Steve mcnair 1996 rookie players playoff card worth?

If you are in 2011, it is $2.00.

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The value of a Steve Nash rookie card varies on the condition of the card and maker of the card. The average price of this card in excellent condition is six dollars.

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