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Q: How much is Sergio Aguero paid at Manchester City?
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Which has won more football matches Manchester United or Manchester City?

Manchester United have defifinately won more matches then Manchester City.

How much money do Manchester city fc have?


How much did Manchester city try to buy Kaka for?

Manchester City had small talks with Kaka, but never put in an official bid for the striker.

How much have Manchester city spent on their new team?


How much money do Manchester city have?

55 billon pounds!!!!!

How much does David Silva earn a week at Manchester city?

As of 2012, David Silva makes £9,600,000 a year at Manchester City FC, or £184,615 a week.

How much is Robinho earning a week at Manchester city?

£160 000

How much does robinho earns a week at Manchester city?

he earns about 1p a week

How much is the prize for Manchester city for winning the English premier league IN 20112012?


Is sergio ramos a Muslim?

no, Sergio Ramos is not muslim. Sergio is christian.

How much is sergio garcia's total net worth?

How much is Sergio garcias net worth

How much money does man city manger have?

Manchester city have around £55BILLION that's alot of kaka's or messi's if they could get them to play for them!!!