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Q: How much is Michael Jordan highland mint slam dunk?
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Michael Jordan highland mint coin and bulls ring worth?

Appx $50-$60.

Value of highland mint Michael Jordan silver retirement coin?

you would be looking around the 1.5 million mark

How much is the highland mint coin sport collection Michael Jordan bronze coin collection limited edition 16191 worth?


How much is the highland mint sports collection bronze Michael Jordan worth 1991 bronze?

The official Micheal Jordan 1991 highland mint bronze coin is currentley priced at $850.00 u.s. If the coin is in the original Highland Mint box with record of authenticity and player card it is priced at $2,000 u.s. The 4.25 Ounce Bronze Card is even better. But not as good as the even rarer Silver Card.

How much is a highland mint gold coin Michael Jordan gold coin serial 04424?

$0.00 because the serial is rong there is only 100 of the god ones. if it was gold $26,000.00

How much is the Michael Jordan topps archives 52 worth?

$5-$7 raw. Graded Gem Mint $25 Mint $15

How much is a 1999 Danbury mint 22kt gold upper deck authenticated Michael Jordan rookie and career card worth?

How much is a 1999 Danbury Mint 22kt Gold upperdeck authenicated Michael Jordan rookie and Career card worth

What sport is associated with the Highland Mint?

The Highland Mint deals with sports memorabilia. They are officially licensed by the NFL, NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball.

Is michael jordan 1989 nba hoops card number 200?

yes, roughly worth $10.00 in mint condition.

What is the value of an Upper Deck Michael Jordan back-to-back MVP card worth?

about 200.00 if in mint condition

Michael Jordan topps card worth?

It depends on the year and condition, Michael Jordan Topps cards from the 1980's are worth anywhere from $20 dollar and up. If you are lucky enough to have bought the 1986 Fleer or the 1984 Star Company Michael Jordan cards they are worth quite alot of money in mint condition.

What is the value of a Upper Deck 1993 Michael Jordan MVP Back-to-Back autographed card that is in mint condition?

$0.00 because Jordan was not a rookie when he had back to back championships.