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Q: How much is LeBron James' signature worth?
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How much is a framed lebron James tshirt from Beijing Olympics autographed with his signature and his number 6 worth?


How much is LeBron James worth?


How much is a LeBron James floor card?

a lebron james floor card is worth around 200.00

How much is a lebron James card worth?


How much money Lebron James have?

his contract is worth 90 million with the heats

How much is lebron James all-star card worth?

right now he is worth about $350mill and more

How much is Lebron James star rookie card?

it it worth 350 or 625 signed

How much is my lebron James 3003 upper deck card worth?

about 50 cents

How much is an autographed Lebron James shooting stars book worth?

Five dollars

How much is Lebron James worth net worth?

Lebron is worth about 600 million he is richer than jayzWhoever said that Is a dumb n****r. Lebron is worth $26 million or soWhoever made that last comment is about as ignorant as they come "hater!"

How much is Lebron James rookie card worth?

It depends on the brand of card. Anywhere from 10-500$

How much is Lebron James jersey worth?

five cents maybe could make about 10 cents if its not on sale