How much is Brentford FC?

Updated: 12/7/2022
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Do you want to buy the team? If so, I gather that it would be very expensive to own and purchase.

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Q: How much is Brentford FC?
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What football team does Cameron Diaz support?

Brentford FC

What football team does Jim carrey support?

Brentford FC

When was Brentford F.C. created?

Brentford F.C. was created in 1889.

What division does Brentford participate in?

The division that Brentford participates in is the Championship in England.

When was Brentford School for Girls created?

Brentford School for Girls was created in 1834.

When was Brentford - UK Parliament constituency - created?

Brentford - UK Parliament constituency - was created in 1885.

When was Brentford railway station - GWR - created?

Brentford railway station - GWR - was created in 1860.

When did Brentford railway station - GWR - end?

Brentford railway station - GWR - ended in 1942.

When did Brentford - UK Parliament constituency - end?

Brentford - UK Parliament constituency - ended in 1918.

When was Brent Brentford born?

Brent Brentford was born on June 5, 1917, in Michigan, USA.

What are the traveling options around Brentford?

Brentford is located outside of London, England. Traveling options around Brentford include renting a car, taking a taxi or train and using the tube.

Does Karen Brady own brentford football club?

Former BBC Director-General Greg Dyke owns Brentford F.C., alongside Bees United - the Brentford Supporters Trust.