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Q: How much is Arsenal football club worth?
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How much did Alex song of arsenal football club salary?

He Is Worth About 15 Million Pounds But If 2 Or More Clubs Are Interested In Him, He Can Be Worth Up to 20 Million Pounds

How much is Chelsea football club worth?

500 millon

How much is Aston Villa Football Club worth?


How much is leicester city football club worth?

As of August 1st, 2011, Kingpower, the sole owner of Leicester City Football Club, have a net-worth in the club of £113 million

How much is barcalona football club worth?

How much it is worth can be found as Barcelona is the third richest club in the world, after Manchester United and Real Madrid.

How much is reading football club worth?

I don't know, but in 1938 it was worth a total of £6000.True.

How much is the 2007-2008 Celtic Football Club worth?

£100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 tht is an estimate

How much is Southampton football club worth?

Roughly £15 million as of January 2011

How much are Arsenal football programmes?

From what I remember they were £3

How much is a football club worth?

There is no real answer. Some football clubs are worth millions of euro, dollars, pounds, or whatever currency you are working in. Some are worth very little. It depends on the players, the size of the club, their success and other such factors.

You have old boxing programs from the early 1960 how much are they worth?

Henry Cooper v Cassius Clay 1966, Arsenal Football Ground

How much is a signed Rangers Football Club football season 2001-02 worth?

More than a nickel. Check out

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