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Doing laps can be different when running or walking depending on how long of a desistence the track is. But when thinking of two laps it equals 800 meters which is one half of a mile.

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Q: How much is 2 laps?
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How much laps would it take to complete a run of 2km?

Five laps of a 400 meter track (2 km = 2000 m & 2000/400 = 5 laps)

How many laps on a track is 600 m?

1/2 and 3 laps

What are the release dates for Laps - 2011 Re-Laps 2-1?

Laps - 2011 Re-Laps 2-1 was released on: USA: 2014

How many laps equal 2 miles?

how long are the laps? how long are the laps? if it is a normal High School track, then 8 laps

What is speed of last 2 laps if 2 laps run at 120mph and average of four laps is 240mph on 2 mile track?

It is not possible. The first 2 laps = 4 miles at 120 mph takes 2 minutes.Four laps = 8 miles at 240 mph should take 2 minutes, which means that the last two laps were covered in 0 minutes!

How many laps for the 800meter?

2 laps-400m each

How many miles do you have to walk to burn off 130 calories?

Depending on how much fat it contains: 0- 10 fat cal.= a little over 2 laps (1/2 mile) 10- 20 fat cal.= about 3 laps 20- 30 fat cal.= a little over 3 laps (3 1/2 laps) 30- 40 fat cal.= 1 mile

How many laps is 100m swimming?

depends on the pool 25m pool 4 laps 50m 2 laps

How many laps is 067 miles?

about 2 and a three quarters laps.

2 miles equals how many laps?

2 miles is 8 laps of a standard 400 meter track.

If 2 laps equals 3 miles how many laps wil it take too traval 5o miles?

19 laps

How many laps for 800 meter race on a track?

2 laps on a 400m track.

How many laps around a school gymnasium equal 2 miles?

38 laps

How many laps is 2000 meters on a track?

1 lap is 400 meters, 2 laps are 800 meters, 3 laps is 1200 meters, 4 laps is 1600 meters and 5 laps is 2000 meters. 2000 meters also equals about 1.25 miles

How many laps around a 38 mile track equals 2 miles?

0.052631578947368421052631578947368 laps

2 laps on a treadmill is how many miles?

It's about a half mile. 4 laps in considered 1 mile.

How many miles equal 40 laps around a basketball court?

19.7 laps = 1 mile so 40 laps is approximately 2 miles.

Does 10 laps around 3.5 acres equal 2 miles?

on a regular track 4 laps is 1 mile and 8 laps is two miles that is your answer

How many laps is half marathon?

105 laps around a .25 mile track or 52 1/2 laps around a half mile track.

How many laps is a 100 meter swim?

In a 100 meter swim, there are 4 laps in a 25 meter pool or 2 laps in a 50 meter pool.

How many laps equal one mile on a field?

If its a track oval, its four laps for a mile. 2 laps for half a mile. if around a football feild, itd be about 4.5 laps

How much weight can you loose if you run three laps?

honestly, not much, 3 laps everyday for a few months would not be a bad start though

How many laps of a 400m track is 1kilometre?

it is two laps and a half

How many laps is an 800 yard run?

800=2 laps around a regular sized track

How many laps around a track equal one kilometer?

2 and a half laps make a kilometer.