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it depends who the player is

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Q: How much is 20000 sports cards worth?
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20000 $

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How much your first addition cards are worth?

What first edition cards are worth can depend on their condition. What type of cards they are, and how much you paid for them can also determine how much they are worth.

How much is 500 sports cards worth?

35 dollars was the original answer, but I believe that you need to take into consideration other factors such as the age of the cards and collectibility or rarity.

How much is the entire set of marvel 1992 series 3 cards worth?

You'll need to subscribe to the Beckett Non-Sports Cards Price Guide .

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How much is my sports illustrated magazine worth

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There are sports card magazines called Beckett that are there just for that purpose for all sports. Beckett, or at least that is what it was called when I needed to know.

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It depends on which cards they are. Check a website to find out how much the individual cards are worth, they add the amounts together.

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You were wondering where you would go to find out how much sports cards are worth?

Price guides, offten can be found at a library or book store

How much are trap cards and spell cards worth on yugioh cards?

Depends what the cards are. Some are worth a lot, some are almost worthless.

How much are your yu gi oh cards worth?

how do i find out how much my Yu-Gi-Oh cards are worth and what website?

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Different cards are worth different amounts. Depends on which cards they are.

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