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Less than 25 cents

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Q: How much ia a nfl pro set 1990 Pro Bowl Reggie White worth?
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Which two Pittsburgh Steelers have recorded safeties in the Super Bowl?

Dwight White in Super Bowl IX and Reggie Harrisonin Super Bowl X.

1990 pro set pro bowl Dave Krieg worth?

Dave krieg is worth about $250

How much is a john offerdahl 1990 pro bowl card worth?

about 40

Which player had the most sacks in a Super Bowl?

Reggie White (Green Bay) and Darnell Dockett (Arizona) with 3 sacks each.

Which great defensive end had 3 sacks in Super Bowl XXXI to help the Green Bay Packers secure the victory?

Reggie White.

In Super Bowl XXXI who sacked Drew Bledsoe three times?

Reggie White, twice in the third quarter and once in the fourth quarter.

What number is Reggie Bush wearing for the Super Bowl?


How many super bowl rings does reggie kinlaw have?


How much is a Wedgewood World Cup 1966 white soup bowl worth?

About �2,500

Who are the Heisman Trophy winners to play in a super bowl?

Reggie Bush

Who are the Heisman Trophy winners to play in the Super Bowl?

Reggie Bush

What are the release dates for 1990 Copper Bowl - 1990 TV?

1990 Copper Bowl - 1990 TV was released on: USA: 31 December 1990