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Q: How much hp does a stock 400 Cid 333817 have?
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What motors come in a Pontiac gto?

1964-1966: 389 CID. 1967-1969: 400 CID. 1970-1972: 400 or 455 CID.

Igntion timing on 77 dodge 400 cid?

The timing is 2 degrees before top dead center for a stock 400 cid. At least, that is what it indicates on my valve cover. My truck is a 1977 W200 with a stock 400 cid engine. Because of changes in the composition of today's gas, over what is used to be when that label was glued to my valve cover in 1977, many have suggested that it would run better if the timing were advanced a few degrees. Others have said that the carb should be recalibrated as well. Hope that helps.

How much horse power does a 1997 ford f250 460 cid have?

245 H.P 400 FT. LB torque

What is the stock engine in a 1978 Jeep CJ7?

Should be the 258 cid I6

How many hp does a 1974 Chevy 400 have?

Advertised Horsepower is: 175 HP @ 3600 RPMs. This is a 1975 400 I see no record of a 400 CID in 1974

What is the firing for the 400 cid engine?

*Correction* probably a typo below but it is: 18436572 18435672

Which way does the distributor turn on a Chevrolet 230 cid?

Clockwise on all stock Chevyrolets.

How much hp would a stock 305 1977 Chevy caprice have?

The engine makes--145 HP @ 3800 RPMs. STOCK. 305 CID 2bbl V8 (145 horsepower, 245 lbs/ft of torque)

What are the bore and stroke specs for a Pontiac 400 CID Y block?

Bore 4.120 Stroke 3.75

Which since of CID?

CID it's meen - Criminal Investigation Department and if you want much information look this link http:/

What is the stock engine and transmission on the 76 caprice classic?

350 cid V8 with TH-350 transmission

Which small block Chevy engine has the most hp potential?

400 block, with a 350 crankshaft. 383 cid.