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1300-1400 Horse Power

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About 1000 horsepower.

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Q: How much horsepower does an NHRA Pro Stock car have?
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How much horse power does NHRA pro stock motorcycle have?

300 hp

How much money does a nhra driver per run?

Pro Stock $20,000

How much does a drag racer weigh?

In Pro Stock drag racing, the minimum weight for a car, including the driver, is 2,350 pounds. The NHRA Pro Stock racing champion for 2013 was Jeg Coughlin, and the person with the most NHRA Pro Stock wins is Warren Johnson with 97.

What cars race in NHRA?

spec cars only... top fuel dragster top fuel funny car pro-stock car and at some events pro-stock motorcycle

How fast are pro mods?

NHRA Current record is 5.77 at 258.7mph

What is the horse power of a pro stock drag car?

Typically around 1250 horsepower, from 500 cubic inches.

What are the release dates for Horsepower TV - 2006 Horsepower Goes Pro Touring?

Horsepower TV - 2006 Horsepower Goes Pro Touring was released on: USA: October 2011

How much horsepower does a arctic cat mud pro 1000 have?

it has 65 horsepower sounds low for a 1000cc to me but i prefer a can am 800 xmr anyday

What is Holly Carburetor known for?

Holley Performance Products has produced a number of after market carburetors for performance vehicles. They are used by all NASCAR Sprint Cup and NHRA Pro-Stock champions for the last 40 years.

Fastest speed ever by a drag motorcycle?

NHRA pro stock records are 6.87et and 211 mph N/A I-4 or V-twin The fuel drag bikes are in the high 5s at almost 250 mph!!

How much money does a IHRA pro stock driver make?


How much horsepower does a pro x 600 have?

Liberty twin 600s have about 115 to 120hp according to dyno charts