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Stock it would be in the 45-47hp range.

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Q: How much horsepower does a Yamaha YZ 250 have?
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How much horsepower does a Yamaha YZ 426 have?


How much horsepower does a 2004 yz 125 make?

The 04' Yamaha yz 125 puts out about a total of 33 horsepower.

How much is a 2011 Yamaha yz 250?

its about or around $7,150

How much oil goes in a Yamaha yz 250 crank case?


Will a 2004 Yamaha YZ-250 transmission fit in a 1999 Yamaha YZ-250?

it probably wont line up correctly with the top end

What is the oil capacity for a 2000 Yamaha YZ 250?

Want is the engine oil capacity for a 2000 Yamaha yz 250.

Is a Yamaha YZ 250 dirt bike a two stroke?

Yes, a YZ 250 is a 2 stroke, a YZ 250F is a 4 stroke.

How much horse power does a Yamaha yz 85 have?

stock motor has about 28-30 horsepower

How do you change water pump for a 1985 yz 250?

how do you change a water pump on a 1985 Yamaha yz 250

Horsepower of Yamaha yz 80?

28 horse power.

How do you check the oil on a 1998 Yamaha YZ 250?

To check the oil in a 1998 Yamaha YZ 250, check the sight glass for a visual. For a more precise measurement you use the dipstick.

Fuel oil ratio for Yamaha yz 250?


What company makes the yz 250 dirt bike?


Will a 1992 Yamaha YZ-250 Engine fit in a 1993 YZ-250?

what year models can i use parts from to fix my 1992 YZ250

Will parts from a 1979 Yamaha 250 enduro fit a 1984 Yamaha yz 250?

only if you are jesus and you plan on working a miricle

What kind of bike was in dirt bike kid the movie?

1985 Yamaha YZ 80 and the stunts were done by a stunt double on a 1985 Yamaha YZ 250

What is the seat height of a 1994 Yamaha yz 250?

39.1 i think

What is the best 125?

the Yamaha yz 125 i has the most horsepower and is the lighted filling on the track

Where can you find used parts for a 1992 Yamaha YZ 250?


How fast will Yamaha yz 250?

i would say about 140- 160 km

Does Yamaha yz250 have a oil fillter?

No a yz 250 2 stroke does not but a YZ250F does.

How many gears in a 1996 Yamaha yz 250?

It's a 5 speed

What type of bike does Jeremy stenberg?

Yamaha yz 250 mm edition

How do you tighten the chain on a Yamaha yz 250?

To tighten the chain on a Yamaha YZ 250 a person can remove a link from the chain. If the need is not as great as a full link to tighten it, the rear sprocket can be adjusted back to tighten the chain also.

What size gas tank is on a 1999 Yamaha yz 250?

The gas tank on a 1999 Yamaha YZ 250 has a 3-gallon capacity. The YZ250 has a 244 cc liquid-cooled two-stroke reed-valved engine.

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How much horsepower does a Yamaha yz250 have?

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