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They have between 700 and 800 horse power in the Sprint Cup.

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Q: How much horse power do Nascar race cars have?
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How much horse power a tiger has?

Tigers are not cars, their power or strength is not measured in horse power.

How much horse power does a nextel race car have?

According to NASCAR's web site, those cars develop about 750 HP out of 358CID motors.

How much do Nascar Sprint Cup Series cars weigh?

NASCAR Sprint Cup Cars are standardized to weigh 3400lbs (1542.2kg)

How much does a Nascar Cup Series car weigh?

The cars in Nascar typically weigh around 3,400 pounds.

How much of a Nascar race car is made by the car sponsor?

None of it. NASCAR sponsors don't make cars.

How much horse power is to the rear tires in nascar racecars sprint?

In the NON restricter plate races, they produce around 750 hp.

How much faster are Indy cars than Nascar race cars?

They are about the same, in some cases Nascar is faster. The top speed for both is around 200 mph.

How much horse power stock does 6.2L have?

how much horse power have the 6.2

How much horse power does a buggati have?

It has 1001 horse power

How much horse power does a Honda cg125 have?

11.00 Horse Power

How do you determine horse power?

Horse Power, was a unit established when car were first being made. How much horse power a machine has is how fast it can go, realitive to the make or model. When a car goes from zero to sixty its a sign of horse power. It comes from when people were riding around on horse back and cars were just being made. Its mostly used in cars to describe speed realitive to distance, however the same principles apply to planes and trains

How much is a NASCAR team worth?

Millions of dollars because of all the equipment, cars and machinery they have and use.

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