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Q: How much hockey equipment is sold each year worldwide?
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Is cricket more popular than hockey?

yes because cricket is known worldwide and because for cricket you don't need much equipment and for hockey the equipment is very expensive

How much does an ice hockey player pay for all of his equipment?

about 300 pounds

How much would it cost to play ice hockey?

$700-$1000 plus the equipment

How much does an ice hockey goalies equipment cost in total?

It really depends on the type of gear and how much you are willing to spend.

What is the difference between roller hockey equipment and ice hockey equipment?

Nowadays, not much, but originally roller hockey equip was made to vent, with lots of mesh and space for air to flow through (as roller didn't have the ice to cool down a player) Recently ice hockey equipment has been made with similar venting systems to cool down a player and because of the decreased weight without sacrificing strength.

How much petrol or gasoline is burned each day worldwide?

A lot

How much grain is destroyed each year?

4-6% is lost to inseects worldwide each year

How much tin is used each year?

428 Tons Worldwide annually.

Is nikebauer the best company for hockey?

Bauer has been in hockey for a long time. Nike pretty much just paid to have their logo put on equipment designed by Bauer. I would say Nike/Bauer is a great company for hockey. But it depends on your taste.

An average how much water is used worldwide each day?

400 billion gallons

How much diesel fuel is used worldwide each year?

707,021 Million Liters.

How much is it to make a hockey?

How much is it to make a hockey WHAT?