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Q: How much heat does draft excluders save?
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Where can you find cheap draught excluders?

You can find cheap draught excluders on Amazon; foam ones cost about $3.50 (not including shipping and handling). Also, if you really want to save money you can make your own with cloth, stuffing, and pins.

Pros and cons of the military draft?

The draft could save money

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you can save heat by turning it down

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The 'Draft' folder in Yahoo email is where emails in progress can be saved for later access. This allows you to save long emails to finish later, or in case of computer glitches. Once you send the email, the draft version will disappear. To save an unfinished email, simply press the 'Save Draft' button next to the 'Send' button.

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You can save money,heat,electricity,and energy

How much do you save having double glazing rather than single glazing?

nothing u ponse, just heat!!

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i thought i told you imma star Save

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