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Q: How much have Liverpool football club spent on players in the last 20 years?
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How old is Liverpool football club?

Liverpool were founded in 1892 making them 114 years old.

What football team does Fernando Torres support?

He supports Liverpool. He has played for Liverpool for 3 years. Why wouldn't he support them?!

How long has steven Gerrard played for Liverpool?

He spent 11 years of his youth there (from 1987 to 1998). And from 1998 onwards he is still playing for Liverpool. Currently the total years he's been at Liverpool is 25 years (including his youth). As of 26/11/2012.

Which football player is the captain of Liverpool?

Steven Gerrard is currently the captain of Liverpool Football Club. He has served as skipper for over 5 years! and he is currently 30 years of age so i hope he doesn't retiere soon because i think Liverpool may struggle without him

How has Liverpool improved as a city in the last few years?

it got 2 football teams :)

How much has alex fergerson spent on players in 26 years?

406 million

What is so good about Liverpool?

EVERYTHING!!Liverpool are an amazing football team , all players have a passion for football , and a passion for the team. Liverpools current manager is Kenny Dalglish ( Aka King Kenny ) , a man who played for Liverpool many years ago and is a true Liverpool legend.Liverpool do have one very passionate hatred too ; for MAN UNITED! However , on total , Liverpool have won 62 trophies , and man u only 60. Haha!All in all , Liverpool are an amazing team , and all the things i have stated make Liverpool the fantastic team they are.COME ON YOU REDS!LFC Forever!!

What is the age distribution of college football players?

18 years old

Do football players need to go to college?

yes, for three years

How long has carragher played soccer for Liverpool?

Hes played there for about 9 years. And its called football not soccer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How much have man united spent on players over the last 20 years?

They have spent a large amount on the players per their contracts. They make this money up through ticket and concession sales.

Who spent the most money on football transfers in the last ten years?

Santiago munez.

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