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Q: How much hat tricks does ovechkin have?
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How many hat tricks does Alexander Ovechkin have?

Alexander Ovechkin recorded his tenth career hat trick on January 22,2011

Who had 4 hat tricks last year?

Alexander Ovechkin

What players have scored hat tricks during the playoffs?

Alex Ovechkin, Sidney Crosby

Who has the most hat tricks in a playoff series?

well im watching the penguins right now and i am thinking its malking or ovechkin

How many awards has ovechkin won?

Alexander Ovechkin has 10 career hat tricks as of January 22,2011

Did Alex Ovechkin ever score a triple hat trick?

Yes Alex Ovechkin did score a triple hat trick in 1996.

Who maple leafs has most hat tricks?

Darryl Sittler with 18 hat tricks

How many hat tricks has Lionel messi score all time?

26 hat tricks

How many hat tricks has messi scored for barcalona?

he has scored about 19 (hat tricks)

Which bowler has taken most hat-tricks in ODI?

Lasith Malinga of Sri Lanka has taken most hat-tricks in ODI; total three hat-tricks, against South Africa, Kenya and Australia.

How many hat tricks by one player in a season?

u can get 12,234 hat tricks in a season it don,t matter

How many hat-tricks did Wayne Gretzky score?

50 hat tricks totall