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The Chicago Bears have won only one Superbowl (XX) in 1985.

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Q: How much has the Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl?
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How much is a 1963 Chicago Bears Super Bowl autographed football signed by the entire team worth?


How much Super Bowls did the Chicago Bears win?

The Chicago Bears have appeared in two Super Bowls and won once. Here are the results (with the winning game in bold):Super Bowl XX (1-26-86) -- Chicago 46, New England Patriots 10.Super Bowl XLI (2-4-07) -- Indianapolis Colts 29, Chicago 17.

How much money do the players on the winning and losing Super Bowl teams earn?

For winning Super Bowl XLI in 2007, the Indianapolis Colts won $73,000 per player. The Chicago Bears won $38,000 per player.

How much does Super Bowl referee make?

How much does a super bowl referee make for the super bowl?

How much time did it take for the quickest score at the start of a Super Bowl game?

Devin Hester Super bowl 41 Bears Vs. Colts Opening Kickoff Returned for TD Bears would later lose the game despite the first score

How much will Super Bowl players get for winning the 2013 Super Bowl?

how much will a player receive for winning the 2013 super bowl

How much did Super Bowl commercials cost for Super Bowl 1?


How much does the Super Bowl cost to produce?

How much does it cost to produce the Super Bowl? (Not just to advertise on it.)

How much is a 1995 super bowl cowboys ring?

They Did not win the super bowl in 1995, they won the super bowl in '93, '94 and '96.

How much were Super Bowl tickets in 1976?

The tickets for the 1976 Super Bowl cost $20.00.

How much money does the Super Bowl make?

Americans will spend $14.3 billion on the Super Bowl.

How much money does the Super Bowl XLV winner get?

Besides winning the famous Vince Lombardi Trophy, the winning team of the Super Bowl gets a serious cash bonus. Under the NFL's current agreement with the players, each player will get $88,000 for winning Super Bowl XLV. This agreement will expire in 2012.FYI, cash bonuses in past Super Bowls:For Super Bowl XLI, each Indianapolis Colts' player received $73,000 for winning the Super Bowl and each Chicago Bears' player received $38,000.For the first 11 Super Bowls, winners received a cash bonus of $15,000. It has risen over the years to $18,000 for Super Bowls 12-17 and then $36,000 for the following 11 Super Bowls.

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