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The London games have cost in excess of £9 billion. About four times more than the original estimate.

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Q: How much has England spent on the Olympics?
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What country has spent the most preparing for the Olympics?


How much money has been spent on the Olympics?


How much should be spent on the London 2012 Olympics?


How much money has London spent preparing for the Olympics?

200 billion

How much money has been spent on the 2012 Olympics?

200 Billion

How much money has been spent for 2012 Olympics?

200 Billion

How Much Money Has Been Spent For 2010 Olympics?

about 1 billion dollars has been spent in the olympic games

How much did China spend to host the Olympics?

It is estimated that the Chinese government spent over $50,000,000,000 USD on the Olympics.

How much money was spent to host the Olympics in Mexico city 1968?


How much did Beijing spend on The 2008 Olympics?

They spent a couple million dollars on the 2008 Olympics

Who is representing England in the 2012 Olympics?

No one. England do not have a team in the Olympics.

How much money did Canada spend for the summer Olympics?

Canada spent an estimated $7 billion dollars for the Summer Olympics. The games were hosted in Montreal. Canada has also hosted the Winter Olympics.

When did the Olympics in England?

The Olympics was held in england at 1908, 1948 and now 2012.

What was money spent on for the Olympics?


Were the Olympics held in England?

No, not yet. The Olympics will be held in London, England this year (2012).

Where will the Olympics Be in 2012?

The Olympics will be in London, England.

How much money did Canada spend for the summer Olympics in 1976?

Canada spent about 1.5 billion Canadian dollars

How much money is spent in England a day?

It varies from day to day but it depends what you mean.

Has England won the Olympics?

No country can "win" the Olympics.

What countries are competing in the 2012 Olympics?

pretty much all of the contries .... its gonna be in england

How much was spent on the Beijing Olympics?

Around 40 Billion , on all the new stadiums they built, the airport expansion and forests

Where the next Olympics?

The next Olympics are in 2012 in London, England.

How long are the 2012 Olympics on for?

the Olympics is on for a month and is held in England

What is total money spent for Olympics 2012?


When was the second time england held the olympics?

The UK (which includes England) has hosted the Olympics in 1908, 1948 and 2012.

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