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For Millwall:- 52 goals

for Everton:- 56 goals

for New York Red Bulls:- 0 (till this moment as he appeared only twice in the first time since his signing early in this year)

for Australia Under 23:- 1 (appeared 3 times)

for Australia national team:- 24 goals

in total he scored 133 goals in his career till this moment.

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Q: How much goals has Tim cahill scored?
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Who scored the most premier league goals for Everton last season?

It was tim cahill with 9 goals

Which player still playing as scored the most goals against Liverpool?

Tim Cahill

Why is Tim Cahill famous?

he scored a lot of goals in the qualifying matches and club matches. he is the driving force for the Australian national team

Who has scored the most headed goals in the premier league?

Tim Cahill has scored the most with his headed goals, 31 of his 54 goals, from 200 appearances in the English Premier League. That's quite an achievement!

Which country has scored the most goals so far?

First it is Plaicos from Honduras well from my Dream Team Second is Tim Cahill And Last Is Drogba

Who scored Australia's first world cup goal?

Tim Cahill

Who is the best and fastest header in the English premier league?

Easily Tim Cahill from Everton He has scored the most Goals from headers, and has amazing technique for such a short player.

Who scored the most headers in one premier league season?

Tim Cahill.

Who scored in the 3-0 everton Liverpool game?

Tim Cahill scored the first goal and Andrew Johnson scored the other two.

Who has scored the most headers in the English premiership this season?

Tim Cahill - Everton Legend.

How many goals did Tim cahill score?

09/10 8 all with his head

How much is Tim Cahill?

Tim Cahill was transferred from Millwall FC on 23-Jul-2004 for a report fee of £1.5m.