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136 goals for club-liverpool-16 for country 152 alltogether

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โˆ™ 2010-10-23 14:11:15
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Q: How much goals did steven Gerrard score?
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How much does steven Gerrard get paid a week?

steven Gerrard gets paid £140,000 per week

How much goals close scored at champions league 2008-2009?

Klose* scored 7 goals in total throughout the tournament along with Steven Gerrard.

Is nasri better than Gerrard?

nasri has much better goals when Gerrard is crap

How much does steven Gerrard earn?

1 pound a week

How much does Steven Gerrard get paid?

140,000 Pounds a Week.

How much money does steven Gerrard have?

It shouldn't really matter how much money he has.

How much money does steven Gerrard get paid per week?


How much is steven Gerrard worth?

Steven Gerrard is worth 20 million pounds considering his age. Although before in his twenties he was worth somethin like 35m

How much does steven Gerrard earn per year?

10 cents a year

How much did Liverpool pay to sign Steven Gerrard?

Nothing - he started his career there

How much money did Liverpool buy Steven Gerrard for?

They didnt, he started at liverpool :)

Who scored the most goals last season between Gerrard and lampard?

Lampard scored more goals than Gerrard. That is one of many reasons why he is better than Gerrard. Lampard seems to get punished were Gerrard does not, for instance, the last time Chelsea and Liverpool played. Lampard got sent off for a challenge that didnt deserve it for he got 100% of the ball and Gerrard had two tackles were he deserved a red but didnt even get a yellow. Lampard scores about 20 goals a season whereas Gerrard scores about 9-11. People may argue that Gerrard scores better goals, which admitedly is true in some cases, but lampard does score some pretty good goals himself. Maybe not as much as Gerrard but he scores a few. But that isn't it though is it? If you were a manager who would you want in your team? Gerrard who scores the odd sensational goal and scores about 10 goals a season, or Lampard, who scores some pretty good goals himself, scores twice as many goals and his other attributes are the same as gerrards?

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