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100 gallions

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Q: How much fuel does a monster truck use?
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How would someone use 'nitro' at a monster truck rally?

There are many reasons one might use 'nitro' at a monster truck rally. Nitro is a very highly combustible fuel and would allow a monster truck to perform in such a manner that would impress the audience.

What was the first monster truck to join monster jam?

monster trucks were invented in late 1970's by bob chandler and his monster truck Bigfoot were the first ones to use a monster truck

Can a school bus be use as a monster truck?


What fuel does truck use?

Depends on the truck. Some use diesel, some use gasoline, some use CNG or LPG.

How do monster truck drivers use math?

They use math for like if they r turing around

How do you make a mini Lego RC 4WD monster truck?

Use your imagination.

What kind of HEET can be put in a diesel truck?

You can only use the fuel oil in the diesel truck.

Is there a cheat for the monster truck on GTA III?

No there isn't, but you can use a cheat to get a tank: 'giveusatank'

How do you get past level 6 on monster truck nitro?

USE boost and rive carefully

How much fuel does a truck use per month?

Mine doesn't use much, but then, I don't drive it much. To calculate the amount of fuel used in a month, first determine the miles driven per month then divide by the miles per gallon of the vehicle.

What do you call truck fuel?

Most large trucks use diesel fuel. Some also use regular gasoline, and some specialized truck run on compressed natural gas.

Can you clean out a fuel filter on a pickup truck and re use it?

not reccomended

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