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Almost all paintball guns will shoot 300 fps.

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Q: How much fps does the jt er2 have?
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Can you attach a paintball hopper to the JT paintball marker ER2 pistol?

Yes. you may need a neck adapter though.

What is the fps of a jt cybrid paintball gun?

depends on how you adjust it, most guns come in with a factory setting at 250 fps

How do you change the fps on a jt tac-5 recon marker?

To change the FPS, first locate the regulator. This should be right on the foregrip. To change the FPS put an Allen key in the regulaor ad turn right to turn it up, left to turn it down.

How far can the jt outkast shoot?

When I bought it and researched it it has a FPS of 300 that you can adjust its affective range they say is 150 to 300 meters I think with upgrades so far it's the best marker I've ever shot personally I would take a jt over a tippman 98 anyday

How much fps does a M2068AF airsoft gun have?

220 FPS

What do the Dun and Bradstreet rating numbers ER2 mean?

ER stands for "Employee Range." The number indicates a range of the number of employees in a company. ER2, for example, indicates 500 to 999 employees.

How much fps will you get in Minecraft?

The fps you have in Minecraft depends on the condition of your computer.

How much mph is 380 fps?

380 fps = 259.1 mph

How much fps is the m85 airsoft gun?

About 200 fps or so.

What nicknames does JT Alexander go by?

JT Alexander goes by JT.

How much SPF is a Redrider BB gun?

Did you mean FPS? the FPS for the Daisy Red Ryder is about 220 FPS (Feet Per Second.)

How much fps does the well mb06 sr 2 airsoft gun have?

It has 450 fps

How much fps does the pulse r78 miliyary style aeg rifle have?

375 FPS

How much fps does a f4-d air soft rifle have?

300 fps or 320

The NASA-ER2 mainly does which step of the scientific method?

It Gathers Information. Complete sentence : NASA scientists have an aircraft called NASA-ER2 that goes out to gather information about the ozone layer. Hope That Helped. :)xx

How much fps does a crosman R71 airsoft rifle?

Crosman says it's 200 FPS.

How much fps does a KART M14 EBR bb gun have?

It's rated at 340 FPS.

What is 'baby' in Mandarin?

baby in mandarin Chinese is:婴儿. ying1 er2.

What does er2 mean in queen elizabeths name?

Elizabeth Regina (queen) the second.

How much fps using 12 gram for black eagle soft air rifle?

375 FPS

How much fps does the crosman reminton 77 have?

I believe you are asking about the Remington AM77. It is rated at 725 FPS.

How much psi in 760 pump master?

Do you mean FPS? If so, then it's rated at 595 FPS.

What is the difference between the shoulder joint and the shoulder girdle?

shoulder gridle is the shoulder complex it consist of 3 joints ie.sternoclavicular jt , acromioclavicular jt, and glenohumeral jt, in shoulder jt there is only glenohumeral jt is considered

How much fps does the empire axe shoot?

All paintball guns shoot between 280 and 300 fps.

Why did JT die on degrassi?

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