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Q: How much force will it take to pull 200 pounds?
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How much force does take to break an arm?

it takes about 9 pounds of force to break your arm

Does it take more force to pull a large item or more force to pull a small item?

The larger in weight would take more force Also, the larger if they are the same weight would take more force, because of friction and air resistance

How much weight can a mining mini horse pull?

I believe that the weight limit was about 100 lbs. give or take a few pounds.

How much force does it take to break a LEGO brick?

The force needed to break a LEGO brick varies depending on its size and shape. On average, it can take around 950 pounds of force to break a single LEGO brick in half.

When you step on a bathroom scale it tells you how much you weigh. How is the word weight defined If you're not sure take a guess.?

Weight is a measure of the gravitational force acting on an object, typically expressed in units of mass (such as pounds or kilograms). It is the force that a scale measures when an object is placed on it due to the gravitational pull between the object and Earth.

Why does it take so much power to get into space?

You have to overcome the force of gravity. So, if you're in the space shuttle which weighs 240,000 pounds at liftoff, you have to have enough force to overcome that weight.

What kind of force does it take to pull a fridge door?

It typically takes about 10-15 pounds of force to open a refrigerator door, but this can vary depending on the design and condition of the door's hinges and seal. The force required is usually within an average person's capability to open comfortably.

How much is 50 pounds of a rock it in water how much force does it take a person to move it?

The buoyant force of water will partially counteract the weight of the rock, making it feel lighter. The force required to move the rock will be less than 50 pounds, as a portion of its weight is offset by the buoyant force. The exact force needed will depend on the shape and density of the rock, and the friction between the rock and the surface it is resting on.

How much force does it take to pull the truck up the inclined plane?

The force required to pull a truck up an inclined plane depends on the weight of the truck and the steepness of the incline. The force needed would be higher on steeper inclines and with heavier trucks. This force can be calculated using the equation: Force = Weight * sin(angle) + frictional force.

How much impact speed does it take to obtain 36 pounds of force?

To calculate the impact speed needed to generate a force of 36 pounds, you would need to know the duration of the impact. The force exerted during a collision is dependent on both the mass of the object and the change in velocity during the impact. Without the duration of the impact, it is not possible to determine the impact speed required to produce 36 pounds of force.

How many pounds of pressure does it take to fire a 5.56 mm round?

If you are referring to how many pounds is the trigger pull weight for a rifle that fires the 5.56 NATO round, that will depend on the rifle. Some may have a "benchrest" target trigger pull of 2.5 lbs, which is too light to safely use for most NON benchrest shooting. Others may have a 6 lb pull. There is no one standard. If you mean how much force on the primer to fire a cartridge- only enough to dimple the outer cover of the primer, and pinch the priming compound against the anvil. A few pounds, concentrated on a very small spot.

How much weight does a fixed pulley take?

A fixed pulley does not take any weight itself. It redirects the force applied to it, making it easier to lift a heavy object by changing the direction of the pull.