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Over 200 pounds of pressure.

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Q: How much force can a punch deliver?
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How many joules in a punch?

Depends on how much force is placed into a punch.

If you punch a wall will it hurt?

Well of course it will hurt! It will hurt depending on how much force you have put on to the punch.

How force can make change in shape of object?

If I punch someone, they will deform where they are punched. The punch is a transfer of energy - force.

How hard does a boxer punch?

There is no single measure of force for a boxer's punch.

How hard does the average boxer punch?

the average boxer has a striking force of 880lbs of force that is counting lightweight and heavyweight boxers numbers. some boxers can generate more force ie some have been able to generate force as much as 1600 lbs of force

How much force can a human exert in a punch?

Depends on the weight, build, and amount of muscle a person has. For example, Brock Lesner can exert 3,000 pounds of pressure just from grounding pounding person while he's mounted them.

Who deliver parcel force in Philippines?

philpost or philippine postal corporation will deliver your parcel

How can you punch a hole in a box?

In order to punch a hole in a box, simply place the cardboard box in front of you and punch into it with all your force. This will usually create a hole.

Why is the gun such an impacting weapon?

All kinetic energy weapons deliver their punch via projectile impact.

How much force would a punch need to have to break someones jaw in two places?

The answer to this question may rely on your providing more information.

A boxer can hit a heavy bag with great force . Why can't he hit a sheet of newspaper in midair with the same amount of force?

the mass of the paper doesnt match the mass of the punch. if you look up newtons 3rd law, every action has a reaction therefore the boxer will be able to punch the paper only is the force of the punch is equal or greater than the force that exerts back the paper

Why is it an advantage to roll with punch in boxing?

Rolling with a punch reduces the amount of force exerted on the area of impact, reducing the risk of injury.