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depends on how old they are check their value by searching them on eBay.

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Q: How much for unopened baseball cards?
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Where to buy baseball cards?

Try the link below for unopened boxes of sports cards.

What are unopened packs of 1994 baseball cards worth?


What is the price of the Nolan Ryan Coca Cola baseball cards?

i have all the nolan ryan cards produced by coca cola unopened,how much r they worth

How much are unopened 36 pack boxes of 1991 topps baseball cards worth?

it is worth probably likee 5 cent'ss

Value of unopened score baseball magic motion trivia cards?

1 dollars

How much is 1991 topps official complete baseball card set unopened worth?

Unlike individual cards, one would think that an unopened, boxed set would have a pretty set value. However, the 1991 Topps complete baseball set still in the box can be found for anywhere between $30 and $60.

What is the value of an unopened pack of 1988 topps baseball cards?

1988 Topps Wax PackThe 1988 Topps baseball cards came out during the baseball card boom that started around 1987. Enormous amount of cards were printed during this era to meet the high demand. Today the sets out number the amount of collectors. An unopened wax pack has a value of about .40 cents.

How much does a full shoe box of baseball cards cost?

Well I love baseball cards but I am young so the old ones like Babe Ruth were not around so I checked eBay and got 3 shoe boxes full of old and new cards for 34.95 but you can get new sets in a unopened box for about 20 bucks so the price will get higher for older cards and the price will lower if the cards are like Jeter or somebody who still plays.

How much will you get if you sold 120 baseball cards?

it depends on what cards u have

How much are 1989 baseball cards worth?

I got a 61 mike schmidt cards how much is that

Should you open baseball card packs?

As a collector you should do what ever makes you happy. You could do both. open a few packs, and also put a box of unopened packs away. Depending on the set, and key cards from that set it could be a long time before the unopened packs are worth selling. I have a few unopened boxes of 1991 Donruss baseball cards. They might never be worth more than $10.-$15. Maybe in 50 Years they're be worth $20. (too many on the market, and no demand) Unopened packs from the 1950's for example sell for a lot of money because of the rarity of them, and the expensive cards that could be found inside. Depending on the set some of the newer cards could have future value unopened. There is nothing wrong with putting away some unopened packs for future value, if you don't get an itch and start opening them up yourself.

How much are your baseball cards?

WikiAnswers is a question and answer site. We do not sell baseball cards. Try or to find a website that sells cards.

Where do i go to findout how much my ozzie smith baseball cards is worth?

The search engines can help you determine how much your Ozzie Smith Baseball cards are worth.

What is a unopened emmit smith wheaties box worth?

it depends on the cards

Who has higher entropy unopened playing cards or cooked spaghetti?

Entropy is tendency to be random. Unopened playing cards are pretty much set in their place, cooked spaghetti is all over the place in no set order. Thus, I would say cooked spaghetti would have higher entropy because it is the most random.

How much money can you get for baseball cards from 1988?


How much do baseball cards cost?

$5 and up.

For every 5 baseball cards that Mickey has Mike has 3 baseball cards. If Mike has 72 baseball cards how many baseball cards does Mickey have?

45 cards

How much is jack clark baseball cards worth?

jack clark 1988 top cards

What is the value of 1993 topps traded baseball card set unopened?

The value of 1993 topps traded baseball card set unopened is $20.

What is an unopened deck of playing cards signed by David Blaine worth?


How much are your baseball cards worth?

It depends on the value of the card.

How much is your dennys baseball cards worth?

0 Zero

How much are baseball cards worth?

It depends on the value of the card.

How much would 261 baseball cards cost?