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It depends on how old it is and whether it's in good condition or not

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Q: How much for signed photos of Dennis Law and George Best worth?
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How much is a Manchester united vs benfica 1968 European cup final match program signed by george best and Dennis law worth?

it is worth, approx. $120,650.00

How much is Dennis rodman signed picture worth?


What are autographed photos from Ivana Trump and Patti LaBelle worth?

It depends on the rarity, quality of the actual photo that was signed. Check The prices listed are accurate representations of what different photos are worth.

How much is a signed photo of Leona Lewis?

Signed photos aren't worth very much although a fan may pay quite a lot.

How much is a signed george reed jersey worth?


Ellsworth bumpy Johnson photo?

Many of the photos are going to be worth a price close to $5 each. If you have a signed photo, it will be worth more.

How much is a signed photo of joe lewis worth?

signed photos usually arent very much but a fan could pay a lot of money for one

How much is a signed George Landrie card worth?

One in good condition is worth about... maybe...$30

How much would a signed personal note from King George the Fifth be worth?

A signed note from King George thr 5th would be worth thousands of dollars today. To collectors, or people that are genuinely interested, it may be worth a lot more than that.

How much are 3 signed George Rodrigue prints worth?

Average $6000-$10000 That's without looking

What is an hand written letter from King George V worth?

It would depend on the age, subject of letter, condition of paper, proof of authenticity, etc. Real letters signed by George V are worth anywhere from hundreds to thousands.

How much is your will blackwell signed card worth?

How much is Will Blackwell worth without it signed