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Circumfence 2 x 15 x pi = 94 feet 3 inches

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Q: How much fencing is needed to put 15 feet of fencing from the center of a circular pool?
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How much fencing will be needed to enclose a circular tank with a diameter of 130 feet?

Approx. 408.4 feet.

How much fencing is needed to put a circular fence 15 feet from the center of the pool?

Circumfence 2 x 15 x pi = 94 feet 3 inches

How many feet of fencing would it take to fence in 28 acres?

If the area is a square then a minimum of 1,104.4 feet of fencing would be needed.

How much fencing would you need to enclose a circular pond with diameter of 12.5 feet?

i need help

How much fencing is needed to surround a zinnia garden that is 20 feet by 25 feet?


What length of fencing should be purchased to enclose the entire circupar patio with a rafius of 10 feet?

Length of fencing needed = 2*pi*10 = 20*pi feet

Ben is planning to fence his rectangular garden The area of the garden is 50 square feet and the length of the garden is twice the width How many feet of fencing will he need?

4Improved Answer:-30 feet of fencing will be needed

How many yards of fencing are needed if the backyard is 90 feet wide and 120 feet long?

Assuming all four sides are being fenced, 420 feet of fencing is required, which converts to 140 yards.

What is the total length in yards of fencing needed to enclose a rectangular area 1152 feet by 96 feet?

832 yards

The redfords would like to build a fence around a rectangular lot the lot is 140 feet long and 50 feet wide how much fencing is needed?

A 140 feet long by 50 feet wide rectangle needs 380 feet of fencing.

How many feet of fencing is needed to put a fence around a 10.8 foot by 13 foot rectangular garden?

You will need 47.6 feet of fencing. Just add 13 + 13 + 10.8 + 10.8 together.

How many square feet are under a sprinkler that shoots out forty feet from its center and moves in a circular pattern?


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