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A lot. I lost twenty pounds in a week. What the last person said is a load of sh**! In Skateboarding, you do start riding, but first of all its only for a few seconds. Second of all, unlike running, where you only do something you've known how to do since you were a toddler, you have to bend down, push your leg into the air, bend your knee, swing it down, and push very hard, all while keeping your balance (the skateboard leans left and right and turns to the guy who said running is harder). Plus you have to lean forward while doing it and pushing the board ahead of you. Also your not just pushing your own weight, but the board too. After all that its still not going fast because skateboard wheels are very small. The only reasons people run instead of skateboarding is because for one, you want to learn while your a kid because just learning to ride one means falling a lot, hard. youll probably at sometime skateboarding, break your head, shoulder, ankles, back, neck, and most commonly your wrist, so bad the bone pops out of the skin. the other reason is becaudse skateboards cost hundreds of dollars. not to mention, if it gets wet its pretty much ruined.I could go on for hours but your probably not even reading this anymore.

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Q: How much fat can be lost skateboarding every day for an hour?
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