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Playing all my high school football games on astroturf, I can tell you that playing on the turf does not increase top speed over wearing cleats in nice grass. However, you CAN cut and accelerate noticeably quicker on astroturf. Planting, changing direction, etc, are all so much easier on turf rather than grass.

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Q: How much faster can you run on Astro Turf than on grass?
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How much does astro turf cost?

A 15x15 astro turf costs around 1,000 dollars. Turf price depends on size you need, type of astro turf desired and whether you are having it installed or not.

How much does an astro turf cost?

Astro turf can cost between $1.50 and $2.00 a square foot, Depending on the quality of the turf. Thsat would be just for the turf its self, You still have to take in to considerration the prep work and installation of the astro turf.

How do they water Astro Turf?

It's clear enough that Astro Turf doesn't need water the same way that living grass does, but it does need to be cleaned from time to time. It is designed for rain to be absorbed by the infill material in very much the way that rain would be absorbed by a natural lawn. For turf that is not exposed to rain, water can be sprinkled on to clean the surface. See link for more.

How much do a football field?

turf is usually about $100k, grass about 40k

i require 4x4metres of astro turf. how much would that cost?

you will know everything after visiting this website You are looking at anywhere between $96.75 to $165.55, depending on the quality of astro turf. 4 square meters is about 43 square feet and astro turf costs anywhere between $2.25 - $3.85 per square foot.

How much force does it take to move a soccer ball on artificial turf?

less than grass. Ball slides much smoother on turf.

What is the difference between astro boots and normal football boots?

Astro boots, are used for playing on astro turfs and hard grass because they give you better grip than, in muddy grass. Normal football boots are generally metal studs which is used for muddy wet grass because they did into the ground and supply you with much better grip than astros would. But you can get football boots with molded plastic studs which can be used for astro turf as well as grass but I don't like using my moulds of astro because it makes you higher off the ground and means it is harder to kick the ball because of the studs :)

What is astroturf?

Astroturf is a type of artificial turf used to mimic grass. While not the same as grass, the cost of laying AstroTurf, especially in indoor stadiums, is much cheaper then laying natural turf and maintaining it.

Does a soccer ball travel better on grass or turf?

A soccer ball travels much faster on turf than on grass, because it doesnt have anything to hold it back. It is usually easier to play on good grass because the ball doesnt travel as fast, and therefore isn't so hard to keep up with. Neither. Soccer balls travel best in or around water/lava

How much artificial turf is in the US?

Different kinds of artificial turf gives different prices. The prices depend on the quality, the materials, the functions and where artificial grass is made. If you want to know more prices of artificial grass, please visit

How long is the lacrosse ball designed to last?

depends on how much you use it and what type of field. it will last longer on turf then real grass

What is scalping in turf grass?

Scalping in turf grass is caused by :- (a) Setting the height of cut too low and removing too much of the grass blades as you cut. This can leave the the lawn looking straw coloured as if it had been scorched. (b) Removing most, or all of the grass blades on raised areas of the lawn as you mow over them even if the height of cut is correctly set for the majority of the area.

About tennis ground?

There are lots of different surfaces in tennis. There is the classic grass court, where the doesn't bounce much and is a faster paced game. There is hard court, where the ball bounces really high, and is normally a more slow paced game. Astro-turf is another surface, which is similar to grass, except more fast paced and you can slide all over the place. And finally clay. This is the ultimate fast paced, low ball bouncing game. You slide all over the court! Great fun! Hope this helped! If this question helped you, please recommend me! =)

How much is a turf house?

depends where you buy it

How much money does a pallet of grass cost?

That will likely depend on where you are and you don't say where you are located. You should look up grass and turf vendors in your area and see what they charge. Free tip: If you are ordering that much, you might want to see what the cost to have it installed is. It's backbreaking labor.

How much is artificial turf?

Depends on the quality of the turf, but generally it ranges from $2 to $4 per square foot.

How much do astro's cost on rumble fighter?

10$ for 200 astro 20$ for 400 astro 30$ for 600 astro 50$ for 1000 astro you can spend only 250$ a week buying astro

How much does the turf cost for the super bowl?


How many NFL fields are turf?

Currently, there are 18 NFL Stadiums with a grass, natural grass mix, or grass/artificial fiber mix. The move has been towards some type of artificial turf or mix for many teams for a number of reasons, but the most obvious is maintenance and upkeep. As an example, the Ravens stadium originally had natural grass (smelled great too). However, much of the field was trashed during filming of the movie "The Replacements", and had to be completely replaced. Given that the stadium is also used for other events, it was more cost effective to move to artificial turf. It's also much easier to maintain during the colder and rainier months during the regular season. Still, I miss that smell of natural grass during Ravens home games.

How much turf to cover a 13 feet by 18 feet garden?

You will need 234 square feet of turf to cover that area.

In Tennis which is faster clay or grass?

Historically, Grass is the fastest of all surfaces and Clay is the slowest. Though, in the last decade Wimbledon has experimented with their surface to slow it down. Big serves were dictating play too much. I also believe that the clay at Roland Garos (French Open) played faster than in years past in '09. With that being said, Grass, even though slower than 10 years ago, and Clay, arguably faster, Grass is still considerably faster than clay.

How much money did Astro Boy gross worldwide?

Astro Boy grossed $44,093,014 worldwide.

How much does astro pitch cost?


How much would a football field cost including the stands spray paint goal posts and the grass?

It would cost around 1 million dollars. Most turf field cost $900,000 by themselves.

How much does it cost to turf and infield on a baseball field?

Approx $200,000