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Q: How much does the winning jockey get in the preakness?
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What is the name of the jockey who rode the winning horse in the Preakness?

Calvin Borel won the 2009 Preakness Stakes on Rachel Alexandra.

How much money does a Preakness jockey make for the win?


How much is the purse for winning the Preakness Stakes?


How much does the winning jockey get in the Kentucky Derby?


How much does the winning jockey gets in the Kentucky Derby?


How much money does the winning jockey of the belmont stakes make?


How much did the winning jockey earn by winning the Derby?

anywhere between £100,000 and £150,000. they get 8% of the winning and any bonuses they receive..

Did Calvin Borel ride Super Saver in the Preakness?

Yes, Calvin H. Borel [b. November 8, 1966] rode Super Saver [foaled February 23, 2004] in the Preakness Stakes. The horse and jockey had been the winning team in the 2010 Kentucky Derby of May 1. But they placed eighth in the Preakness, with a time of 1 minute 55.47 seconds.

How much does the jockey win at the Kentucky Derby?

The winning jockey get a percentage of whatever the owner gets. It was around $140,000 in the 2010 race.

What did the 2009 Derby and Preakness winners have in common?

Two different horses with the same jockey, Calvin Borel.

What does the jockey get for winning the derby?

The jockey earns 10% of what the horse earns for winning, which is often 60% of what the purse (dollar amount) assigned to the race.

How much does the jockey get to win Kentucky Derby?

In the 2010 Kentucky Derby, the owner of the winning horse won $1,425,200. From those winnings the owner pays a percentage to the jockey, usually around 10% of his share of the purse. So Calvin Borel took home about $142,520 as the winning jockey.

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