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An Olympic pool is 50m long by 25m wide by a minimum of 2m deep. The volume of water this pool can hold using the minimum depth to calculate is 2,500,000 L. In order to convert volume to mass you could use density as a conversion factor, however it's pretty much agreed upon that the weight of a liter of water at most temperatures is 1 kg. That means there's 2,500,000 kg of water in an Olympic-sized pool, or 2,500 tonnes or about 5,500,000 pounds.

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Q: How much does the water in an Olympic-sized swimming pool weigh?
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What do you exactly mean? How much water swimming pool weigh? Then it is kilograms. Hope that helped:)

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An Olympic size swimming pool contains 2,500,000 litres of water

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How much water does a swimming pool hold?

Depends on how big it is

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