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There will be 8.8 million tickets sold for the 650 sessions of sport. Spread out over 30 plus venues the tickets will range from 20£ to 2,012£, with the most expensive seats being for the opening ceremony (2,012£ / 3,118US$) and closing ceremony (1,500£ / 2,325US$).

All sports will have at least one session with seats starting from 20£ / 31US$, but sessions that are usually oversubscribed have the higher price tags. Athletics (725£ / 1,124US$), Swimming (450£ / 700US$), and Cycling (325£ / 500US$) are among the most popular and good final tickets for Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Boxing, and Diving won't be cheap.

The opening and closing ceremony will be at the new constructed Olympic Stadium which has a capacity of 80,000 seats. With organisers expecting 250,000 people to flow into Olympic Park each day of the games, this is likely to be the biggest Olympic Games yet.

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Q: How much does the tickets cost for the Olympics?
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