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Q: How much does the tbi 1364 bike cost?
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How much horsepower does a 1989 9c1 350 tbi have?

190 horse 350 tbi was available in the 9c1 caprice.

How much horsepower does 95 tbi 350 have?


How much HP does a 89 350 tbi have?


How much horsepower does a 93 Chevy 350 tbi have?


91 gmc suburban gets fuel to tbi but won't spray through injectors?

i dont know what is wrong with it . it gets fuel to the tbi but it wont spray through the injectors at all I had an 88' Silverado that did it too. I replaced both injectors on the TBI and it worked fine. The injectors cost me about 50 bucks each.

How much horse does a 350 tbi motor have?

210 hp. 210 hp.

Are accessories for a 350 tbi compatible with a 305 tbi?


350 tbi versus 305 tbi?

#1,if this is in a truck,though a 305 is not necessarily a horrible engine,it has a much weaker bottom end then most 350s. Therefore for a truck engine,or any stressed application,I would recommend the 350 over the 305,altogether separate from the power issue. 350 tbi & 305 tbi are the same weather 2 or 4 barrels

How much horsepower and torque does a stock 1989 Chevy truck have with a tbi 350?

its a chevy, so its too much for your mom and her

What can you do to make your 91 camaro rs with a stock 305 tbi as fast as it can go?

How much money do you have?

Can you replace a pre 1996 tbi engine with a vortec long block and use your tbi intake and tbi?

you can as long as you use your TBI heads if you want to use the vortec heads with TBI you will need a special intake manifold or a carb manifold with a adapter to mount your throttle body to the carb manifold heres some more info TBI heads will mount to the vortec block TBI intake manifold has 12 bolts vortec intake manifold has 8 bolts

Does the pulleys on a 305 tbi fit or swap over to a 350 tbi engine?

yes they will