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Q: How much does the soccer player Messi make yearly?
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What soccer player make most money?

lionel messi

How much money does a soccer player make yearly?

1-2 Billion A Year

How much money does a pro soccer player make?

It depends on the player and the club if Messi had moved to man. city he would of been on 500,000 a week which would of been a record.

How much does an soccer player make?

It depends how good the player is.

Why would you like to be a soccer player?

I would like to be a soccer player because I will make money while playing my favorite sport. ?@.<tQQtav>.@?

Is Messi in FIFA 11?

Messi did not make it in the Fi.F.A 11.

Who makes more money a basketball player or a soccer player?

Soccer. Because it is worldwide not nationwide, they make a lot more from ticket sales to merchandise ect.

How much does a Chivas soccer player make?

wait were are my drugs (OCHOA)

How much does a soccer player make a year?

600 dollars a year

How much money does the soccer player DiegoMaradona make in a year?

He has retired.

Who was the first soccer player to make 100 million dollars?


How do you make a player on FIFA Soccer 09 All-Play?

You can't.