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Q: How much does the losing NFL team earn for super bowl?
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How much did Aaron Rodgers earn in Super Bowl XVL?


How much money did players in the 2009 super bowl win?

The share for the winning team was $78,000. The share for the losing team was $40,000.

What do NFL players make?

If your talking about how much money they make, NFL players can earn as much as 3 million dollars a year, more if they win the super bowl.

How much do Super Bowl players make?

A lot

How much does a player win if his team wins the Super Bowl?

Besides winning the famous Vince Lombardi Trophy, the winning team of the Super Bowl gets a serious cash bonus. Under the NFL's current agreement with the players, each player will get $88,000 for winning the Super Bowl. This agreement will expire in 2012.Keep in mind that this is the minimum bonus guaranteed by the NFL Players Association. Other star players and MVPs might have millions more written into their contracts.Other information about Super Bowl bonuses:Winners of the 2010 Super Bowl (XLIV) received $83,000 and losers took home $42,000. The amount has grown every year. In the first Super Bowl, the winners took home $15,000 and losers got $7,500.For Super Bowl XLI, each Indianapolis Colts' player received $73,000 for winning the Super Bowl and each Chicago Bears' player received $38,000.For Super Bowl XLII, the Giants share was $78,000 per player for winning the game and the Patriots share was $40,000 per player for losing.According to NBC Sports Feb 5, 2005 Report: The winning team gets $68,000 and a ring and losing team gets $36,500.

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How much does the losing team earn in Super Bowl XLV?

Approximatly 300,225,000

How much did the saints earn in Super Bowl?

31 points

How much will a NFL player earn if he wins the Super Bowl?


How much did Aaron Rodgers earn in Super Bowl XVL?


How much do the losing players get for playing in the Super Bowl?

Over 9000 dollars

How much will the losing team get paid in the Super Bowl?

50 million dollars

How much money can a super bowl player earn if he is on the winning team?


How much money will a losing player make at this years super bowl?

An amount of money!

How much Will Super Bowl players earn for winning in 2010?

around 78,000 dollars

How much money will a super bowl player earn on winning team?

15000 monwey

How much did Madonna earn for performing on Super Bowl?

She got paid 1.6 Million.

How much money did the Green Bay Packers earn for winning the 2011 super bowl?

15,000 each