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Q: How much does the f1 Ferrari cost?
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How much does a Ferrari F1 cost?

Any Formula One car would cost about 20 million dollars, if not more. The more the research done on it, the more the cost would be. I estimate the Ferrari F1 car to be about 25 million dollars.

How much does gas cost for a Ferrari 360 Modena F1?

gas costs the same no matter what car you drive. It doesn't matter if your in a ferrari or a daewoo, it gonna cost the same

Which is faster a mclaren f1 or a Ferrari f1 car?

Ferrari f1 because Ferrari f1 is faster than McLaren f1 Ferrari f1 has more mph (miles per hour) than McLaren f1 and Ferrari f1 has way more better aerodynamics than McLaren f1

Who invented ferari f1?

The inventor of ferrari F1 was the owner of ferrari the master Enzo Ferrari.

How much should it cost for an oil change and filter on your 1999 Ferrari 355 F1?

Seriously, if you own a Ferrari 355 F1 and have to ask the price of an oil/filter change maybe you should not own this car. It will cost what it will cost and you will have to pay whatever it costs. It also depends on if you trust someone other than a Ferrari dealer to change the oil or if you do it yourself.

How much horsepower do Ferrari F1 cars produce?

Ferrari F1 engines generate around a 1000 bhp (Brake Horse Power)

How much does the Ferrari limo cost?

Ferrari recently made public the production of the world's first and only Stretched Ferrari F1 360 The price is somewhere around $350-400,000.

What is the f1 Ferrari car called?

F, and whatever year it was made. For example, if it was 2007, Ferrari's F1 Car would be called the Ferrari F2007.

How much thus the Ferrari cost?

the Ferrari cost about $190,000 depending on the type

How much does a Chevy Ferrari cost?

There is no chevy ferrari

The Tifosi are renowned for their love of F1 and their much loved team.which do they follow?


How much is an F1 race car?

It all depends, a 2007 Ferrari would cost £256,000,000 (Two hundred and fifty six million British pounds)

How much does a Ferrari cost in pounds?

It depends on the brand of Ferrari

How much does a used Ferrari cost?

Depends entirely on what year Ferrari and what model Ferrari.

Which is the richest f1 team?


Where is the Ferrari F1 factory?

In Italy.

How much does it cost to dock a red Ferrari?

like you have a red Ferrari

WhaT IS the fastest car in gran turisimo 5?

The Ferrari f1 car worth 2,000,000 credits The Ferrari f1 car worth 2,000,000 credits

How much does a new 2010 Ferrari F430 cost?

The MSRP for a Ferrari F430 is $168,005 to $227,000 in the United States,[3] £118,500 in the United Kingdom, approximately €175,000 in the European Union and $389,000 for the base model to $450,000 for the Spider F1 in Australia.

When did Ferrari start being in F1?


How much will a Ferrari laptop cost?

the ferrari laptop is about £399.99

What is the name of the Ferrari 2010 F1 car?

It is called the Ferrari F10. It is powered by the Ferrari 056 2.4L V8 Engine and has a chassis designed by Ferrari.

How much is a Ferrari f1 car?

lol, probly over say. 4 and a half million?

How much is a Ferrari f1?

The F-1 version of the street legal ferrari is about $200,000 and will be used one or two years old at this price and under 5000 miles.

How much does a f1 car cost?


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