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$550.00 Retail as of October 2012

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Q: How much does the easton eq50 hockey skates cost?
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Is a easton s19 better than a easton eq50?

It really all depends on what type of player you are

What stick does evgeni malkin use?

In the 2010/11 season he recently started using the EASTON EQ50

What hockey stick does Teemu Selanne use?

Last season 2011-2012 he used a Easton eq50 with his traditional curve. Before that it was a Easton s19 but it was only painted that way because it didn't have the elliptical taper the s19 has. It has the taper of a synergy. The curve was still the same square toe real tall profile.

What is the best ice hockey skate for a second year Pee Wee hockey player?

For my 12th grade science expierament I tested which composite, intermediate hockey stick is the lightest. I tested a Nike Bauer one95, an easton stick'um stealth, a reebok 10k, a CCM U stick, and a Nike Bauer one 90 (this is different from a one95, its a year older. the results showed that the Easton Stealth was the lightest followed by the one95. The reebok 12k came in last.

What is the best hockey stick for a striker?

Ok. Personally I think easton which is used more by players in the NHL. If you like to keep control of the puck with good balance plus like deking(Dangler. Best position:Winger or maybe center.) I recommend you use the Easton EQ50. I have that stick and it is the best stick I have ever had. If you like to be distribute the puck and like quick wrist and snap shots then get the Easton Stealth S19(Playmaker. Best position:Center). It will help you make a great snap and wrist shot. If you like taking hard wrist shots and hard slap shots there should be no question on what stick is for you...the SE16. This stick is outstanding. Zdeno Chara broke the record for the fastest shot ever using this stick reaching 105.4 MPH. This stick is fantastic for a defensman and is the most used stick in the NHL by defense!