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$100,000 a game and 60,000 a year.

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$100 a hour

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Q: How much does the average silver fern netballer earn?
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Can a silver fern be tree fern?

yes No, the silver fern can not be a tree fern. Cythea and Alsophila are tree ferns

What is new zealand's national floral emblem?

The silver fern, Cyatheaceae dealbata (Ponga or Kaponga).

How did the silver fern get its name?

the silver fern or ponga live in new zealand shane

What famous team uses the silver fern emblem?

the silver fern netball team from nz

Maori name for silver fern?

The Maori name for the silver fern (Cyathea dealbata) is Kaponga or ponga.

What is the most interesting fact about the silver fern?

The silver fern can grow to more than 30 feet tall.

What is the name of the symbol on the All blacks rugby shirt?

Its a silver fern

What is New Zealand's largest tree fern?

The silver tree fern is New Zealand's largest tree fern.

Why did the new zealand teams decide to put the silver fern on there uniform?

The silver fern is a native bush plant in New Zealand. The underside of the leaf is a silver colour.

What does the silver fern look like?

green on the top and silver on the bottom.

Why does the silver fern have silver on the underside?

Because its the way the plant grows!

When did Irene van Dyke become a Silver Fern?

irene van dyk become a silver fern in 2000 and she has play for the silver ferns 84 games for new zealand