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10 to 12 pounds

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Q: How much does the WWE divas championship weigh?
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Where is the womans championship WWE?

It is called the DIVAS CHAMPIONSHIP.

How much do WWE divas weigh?

160 lbs, mostly.

Who is the current WWE women's champion?

Kelly kelly at the time was the Divas Champion, the WWE Womens Championship is now retired and they only use the Divas Championship

Who owns the divas championship now WWE?

beth pheonix

What happened to the WWE womens title?

it was unified with the Divas Championship

Wwe will kelly kelly win the divas championship?

you never know

What are all the WWE championships?

wwe championship world heavy weight championship u.s championship intercontinental championship womens championship divas championship world tag team championship tag team championship

How many championships?

Right now there are 6 championships in World Wrestling Entertainment They are 1. WWE Championship 2. United States Championship 3. WWE Tag team Championship 4. World Heavyweight Championship 5. Intercontinental Championship 6. Unified Divas Championship there were two divas championships divas & women's championships but they were unified by Michelle Mccool

How much does the WWE world heavyweight championship weigh?

twenty or more

Will there be another title for WWE?

I'm not sure, but the newest title is the divas championship

How many belts or there in WWE?

There are numerous titles in the WWE but many of them are inactive/defunct. The list of active titles in the WWE are: a. WWE championship b. World Heavyweight Championship c. Intercontinental championship d. United States championship e. Tag Team championship and f. Divas championship

What is better the divas title or womens title in WWE?

It depends. Divas becasue, WWE female wrestlers are not know ans wome they r known as Divas. Besides the Divas championship has more detail. And havent u ppl noticed everything gud in wwe has started going to raw

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